The substance of restaurant branding in China

restaurant branding in China

China Paradigm interviewed Philippe Ricard, the founder of La Creperie and La Cabane restaurants based in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Ho Chi Minh City. In this China business podcast, the French entrepreneur discusses how he manages French creperies in Asia, restaurant branding in China, and tells us more about the coronavirus’s impact on his restaurants […]

The ins and outs of sales coaching in China

China’s B2B digital sales

China Paradigm interviewed Yoann Delwarde, CEO and co-founder at Infinity Growth. In this business podcast, our guest throws light on sales coaching techniques and public speaking experience in China. So, ready to learn how to achieve sales success in Shanghai?

Designing golf clothing for the Chinese market

Apparel manufacturing in China

Designing golf clothing for the Chinese market China Paradigms interviewed Guillaume Sergent, founder, and CEO at Ailion Golf, to discuss the golf industry in China and how he designed golf clothing for the Chinese market.

Interviewing entrepreneurs in China: The great challenges of public relations in China

experiential marketing in China

Interviewing entrepreneurs in China: The great challenges of public relations in China China Paradigm interviewed Augustin Missoffe, managing director Asia-Pacific at Hopscotch Group. Our China Paradigm’s guest is a Chinese and Asian market expert with a decade of experience in China and more to come. In the course of the interview, Augustin Missoffe discusses public […]

Interviewing entrepreneurs in China: Using China’s sharing economy to hire professionals

gig worker in china

China Paradigm interviewed Hammer Guan, the founder of Youbangxin, a Chinese application for freelancers reshaping China’s sharing economy. During the interview, Hammer Guan helps us understand the challenges but also the numerous opportunities of freelancing in China. Also, Guan shares his expertise on China’s sharing economy and comments on the future of freelancing in China.

Interviewing entrepreneurs in China: Comparing psychotherapy in China and in the West

therapist in China

China paradigm interviewed David Ammerschlaeger, a consultant and psychologist active in the industry of psychotherapy in China. During the interview, the now-experienced psychologist discusses China’s psychological therapy market and help us understand the ins and outs of mental therapy in China. By dint of his knowledge and expertise in the field, David Ammerschlaeger provides a […]