Interviewing entrepreneurs in China: How to produce video marketing in China?

Video making in China

Video marketing in China Daxue Consulting interviewed Carlotta Godio, FLATMIND’s co-founder and General Manager (GM), to discuss how her company produces video content in China, to understand how video marketing in China is different from Western countries as well as to share some thoughts on the evolution of the video industry in her new resident […]

Interviewing entrepreneurs in China: China’s technology and startup scene. How do media cover the tech scene for Westerners?

Podcasts in China and Western countries

China’s technology and startup scene Daxue Consulting interviewed John Artman, Editor-in-Chief for TechNode’s English, to understand better the Chinese Tech media industry and China’s technology and startup scene. In this interview, John Artman shares his knowledge on the Chinese media tech scene and gives us insights on various topics including the difference between podcasting in […]