Video making in China

Interviewing entrepreneurs in China: How to produce video marketing in China?

Video marketing in China

Daxue Consulting interviewed Carlotta Godio, FLATMIND’s co-founder and General Manager (GM), to discuss how her company produces video content in China, to understand how video marketing in China is different from Western countries as well as to share some thoughts on the evolution of the video industry in her new resident country.

Carlotta Godio, experienced entrepreneur in China and GM of a video production studio in China

After graduating with a master’s degree from the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice in Italy, Carlotta Godio moved to Shanghai with her husband to produce video content in China and to embark on entrepreneurship there. FLATMIND Video Production was thus founded in 2007.

With more than 15 years in the industry, the now-experienced entrepreneur has already put her skills to work with MNCs like McDonald, Ford or BP.

Video shooting in China: leveraging creativity and versatility for video marketing

FLATMIND produces video content in China for more than 10 years and the company currently employs 15 people.

The services offered by the corporate entity range from projection mapping and 2D/3D animations to corporate advertising video shooting in China. Thanks to its comprehensive approach, the company has been able to work with international players in the fashion industry like Max Mara, but also has delivered high-quality content for chemical and pharmaceutical companies like Bayer and Solvay. FLATMIND is renowned for the creativity and analytical skills of its team that allows the company to deliver unique and eclectic content and make high-quality video shootings in China.

“We decided not to focus only on fashion, not to focus only on industrial videos. We like to change and to be as creative as possible” Carlotta Godio.

video shooting in china
[FLATMIND, a specialist in video marketing in China]

Selecting the right studio for video marketing in China and in Western countries

During the interview, Carlotta Godio explains how corporate entities select their partner for video shooting in China compared to Europe. She says:

“In China, they [companies] will select you like a video vendor only if you have already done truly similar types of videos to what they are requiring”.

According to FLATMIND’s GM, Chinese enterprises mainly rely on the content that has already been created by a studio that produces video content in China.

“Sometimes, they want the exact same video style. So, they don’t even consider calling another video production studio in China or don’t even ask for a pitch.” Carlotta Godio

On the other hand, European companies usually do not collaborate with studios that cooperate with competitors. In fact, as reported by the entrepreneur, Western organizations fear to see their information being shared with competing entities and are striving for highly individualized and creative content.

video marketing in China
[Video shooting in China with FLATMIND]

What does the demand for video marketing in China look like?

During the interview, Carlotta Godio discusses what formats of video are shot for companies. While she mentions that numerous Chinese small businesses have opted for amateur videos to promote the quality of their products on social media (i.e. Taobao), Carlotta Godio’s enterprise collaborates with companies that are looking for a professional internal or external content.

She explains that FLATMIND is being contacted to produce video content in China for corporate entities that want content such as a social media video campaign, an event video or simply a video introducing their company. All these examples illustrate perfectly the new tendencies and the central role that plays video content and video marketing in China.

Carlotta Godio also explains that FLATMIND’s teams regularly have to educate their clients on the best practices in the video making industry and thus adapt their demand to optimize the impact of video marketing in China.

They [clients] ask for five, six, or sometimes even eight-minutes videos thinking that it is going to be the best for them”.

Chinese drone regulations for video shooting in China

Video marketing in China has started to adopt new technologies that offer high-quality and creative content to its customers. Among these new technologies, drones have been particularly employed for video shooting in China.

While in Europe regulations often refrain the creativity of video studios, video making in China does not suffer from the same barriers.  In fact, Carlotta Godio declares:

“It’s much more open here [in China] compared to Italy for example. There, you need to have a patent. Here, a simple registration as the owner of the drone and a plate number is required.”

Thus, FLATMIND and other local video studios have added this video format to their range of services offered.

Also, following regulations for drones and video shooting in China is not too troublesome since.

“The software you use to fly is very precise and would stop your drone from flying higher if you are, for example, too close to the airport area.”

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