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French data specialist providing tools for companies to better use healthcare market data analytics in China: China Paradigm podcast #111 with Carole Gabay

In this episode, we talked to Carole Gabay. Gabay started her career in analyzing the market data of fast-moving consumer goods. She worked at companies such as Nielsen and Gillette for 10 years; there she bore witness to the transfer of recording and storing data from paper onto digital. She remembers when excel could only hold 65,000 rows and 250 columns; whereas now it can hold over one million rows and 16,000 columns. However, 15 years ago Carole Gabay switched from the FMCG industry and joining the pharmaceutical industry. She is working on data monitoring for giants such as Bristol-Myers Squibb and Bayer. Seven years ago Gabay came to Shanghai, where she began to create frameworks helping pharmaceutical players understand healthcare market data analytics in China.

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Source: Carole’s PDF on what she has done throughout her career and the services she offers companies currently

So, Carole Gabay has worked in the field of market data analysis for 25 years. But what exactly does she do within that field?

What Carole has been doing in market data analysis almost since she first started has been making analyzing data easier for herself and for those companies she worked for. She does this by creating tools that take masses of unorganized data that puts it into neat and tidy categories. Because she works in the pharmaceutical industry this involves buying the data of hospital patients in China. After that – creating a tool to organize this data into subcategories. Then, – presenting this data to her company. Armed with this structured and well-arranged data, her companies can then use the data to plan which pharmaceutical products could be sold or marketed to certain types of patients. This can inform their long-term strategic planning.

“I built those tools as a powered user to try to have a better life, to go back home earlier and take care of my young children at that time and to drive insights and facilitate decision making for my internal clients who were the marketing managers. My tools are absolutely flexible. It’s not like fixed templates that you cannot change anything. I use the expertise of all the work, all the templates I’ve built that are the best to produce the best analytics, the best insights in the minimum time.

So that the extraction of the data, the delivery of a very thorough dashboard where you can find all the metrics and scan through all the metrics that could drive the results, the performance – and then it can go to different formats or soft management or marketing, product manager, any type of audience. So, this is what I offer today, I offer my expertise of more than 25 years in this field of market data management.”

Carole Gabay, Analytics Manager & Market analytics consultant

Essentially Carole Gabay is a content creating data specialist, focusing on the healthcare industry. She takes raw data and crunches into legible content; that the bosses in the marketing department of her company can consume.  Gabay has become an expert in Market Research and Data Management. This helped her with founding and running the massively successful website

How does the website relate to healthcare market data analytics in China and why was it successful?

Carole Gabay started the website as a means of tracking the latest data about coronavirus. She started tracking the virus while it was still in Hubei. She was the first person to monitor Prevalence Per Capita, Trends by Regions, Daily Cases in ICUs; while providing the global community with innovative and intelligent analytics on COVID-19 statistics. She did this work voluntarily with a team of other volunteers based out of Shanghai. Research institutes and media organizations used Gabay’s data across the world. Leveraging her experience in healthcare market data analytics in China she continues with this project to this day. They publish content daily on trends to do with the virus and offer deep statistically backed reports. The success of her website shows how brilliant content sells itself.

“I started tracking the data in January so, learning the methodologies to identify information biases in the collections from all around the world. I did it because I wanted to see trends in the data. First, I started just looking at the data in Hubei but quickly I was asked to look at data from other provinces and other countries. We crunched the data daily and started publishing articles and analyses…. we segmented the data based on the patient’s characteristics. Then we graded patient data in terms of how infected patients reacted to the virus and how they were treated and how they reacted to different types of treatment. We compared this data with the data on infected patients from cruise ships and military ships and how they were treated. From this, we could see how patients’ characteristics or circumstances had an effect on the outcome of the virus or fatality rate in certain types of patients.”

Carole Gabay, Analytics Manager & Market analytics consultant

Listen to the full episode on YoutubeApple PodcastSpotifySoundcloud, or Ximalaya.

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