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Interviewing entrepreneurs in China: Out of the box WeChat solutions in China

China Paradigm interviewed Clement Ledormeur, the general manager and partner at 31Ten to share with you his insights about useful WeChat solutions in China and learn how to create WeChat web-APP.

Clement Ledormeur, an expert in providing WeChat solutions in China

As currently the partner and general manager of 31Ten heads an independent 15-person boutique agency in Shanghai. Graduated from IAE Poitiers in France, he has been working in digital fields for a long time, especially in dealing with web development and promoting user experience for digital brands.

He has shared his insight into digital industries on various media, including Jing Daily and Beijinger.

WeChat web-APPs
[Source: Clement Ledormeur’s LinkedIn page, “a professional in managing WeChat solutions in China”]

31Ten is a professional digital agency specializing in WeChat web-APPs

Many companies in China are seeking approaches to WeChat mini-programs or H5, therefore they need a professional agency to help them with that service. At 31Ten, half of the projects are WeChat-related.

Since more and more companies, especially those with B2B platforms in China, are dealing with plenty of services on WeChat. It would be better for them to have both WeChat stores and a traditional website. In order to ensure the success of the WeChat web-APP, 31Ten also provides the service of redesigning websites.

31Ten is a creative team of talented individuals with different sets of skills; it is remarkable that they are excellent in helping companies promote user experience and UI design. The solutions they provide are always so user-oriented that they often help companies increase the number of users on WeChat.

WeChat solutions in China
[Source: Google image, “31Ten, a digital agency providing WeChat solutions in China”]

UX and UI testing in China, to have a better performance

Nowadays, more and more companies in China are developing their own products online, but the key to high profit not only depends on the good marketing strategy but also the impressive user experience. 31Ten is good at conducting UX and UI testing in China. UX refers to the research process, whereas UI is essential for better visualization of the website.

UX: “It’s all about user experience”

There are plenty of B2B companies in China presenting an excellent sale, but some of them only have short-term success. Only those with good user experience can achieve a longer run in business development. Clement emphasizes the importance of user experience in the B2B business. The process of UX and UI testing in China usually starts with understanding user experience:

“Understanding first why you need to redesign or design the solution. So, it’s much more user-centric. So basically, a personalized, understanding of their journey to wireframes and end-user.”

Through data analysis and usability testing, it is the first step to become a user-friendly website. After that, to visualize the website in an excellent way, it is also necessary to design the prototype for clients.

UI: “It’s more about the look and feel”

There are many phone companies and dealers all over the world, Apple is standing out in the competition because of its creative UI design. Clement regards UI design as the final stage in website development, the prototyping design actually decides what the app or website will look like.

WeChat mini-program: to leverage a huge number of Chinese users

Although in recent years, other online social platforms like Douyin and Weibo have kept gaining users and distracting some of them from WeChat. It is also noticeable that some social platforms can lead users directly to e-commerce stores, such as TMALL and JD.com. However, in comparison with WeChat, other platforms usually attract users with specific aims, for example:

“It (Douyin) is great for – If you’re a KOL doing a makeup tutorial and I can buy directly online. ”

In this sense, WeChat is still the most powerful social platform in China with the largest user database. It is then no wonder more and more websites are still actively developing WeChat mini-programs to promote their products.

“…a mini-program which can scan and send the information, the WeChat ID to a database which is managed by the company and at the same time I believe people after scanning would follow the official account of the brand.“

Clement explains the reason why WeChat mini-programs are much more effective in converting users to buyers than websites. Therefore, although there are plenty of digital innovations in China, it is still necessary to take WeChat into consideration, especially in developing the B2B business in China.

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